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As many of four million Brits cannot get a job or the work they would like because they are forced to compete with a “virtually unlimited pool” of migrant workers from the European Union (EU), a report has said.

The authors found that there are one and a half million people out of work and a further million stuck in part-time jobs who could do more hours or fulltime hours but cannot find them.

“The large inflow of migrant labour… may have contributed to continuing high levels of underemployment which could be around four million people,” they write.

The report, by Migration Watch, claims that official figures boasting of high employment do not take account of people involuntarily stuck in part-time work. Around a fifth of part-time male workers and a quarter of part-time female workers said they wanted to work more work, the study found.

They explain that “record numbers of people working and record rates of employment, which now appear in UK labour market statistics, do not give a full picture as to whether people are able to get work or, if they wish, get more work”.

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