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Cô láng giềng ơi! Save Some For The Rest
They say, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” but what’s for sure is that our neighbors are the closest. Even the ones we really really wish were not that close at all. Terrible neighbors are not so unusual, but we found some of the crème de la crème of awfulness
“Bà con xa không bằng láng giềng gần”Heart Eyes
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my neighbor totoro GIF by Cheezburger
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Grass House
Last Years Christmas Decoration..

Upsidedown House

Neighborhood Dispute

Scooter Lawn Mower

Biker Butt Mailbox

Outdoor TV Setup

Toilet Driveway

The House Is Alive

Hello Dogs

I Guess Bob Wanted That Fence Painted

Not My Snow

Toilet  Planters

Second Floor

Donkey Box

Drunk Guy Passed Out

Rope Around The Hoop

Lawn Mower Pile

Welcome to “Husqvarna?”

Trailer Park High Rise

Party Girls Move In Next Door

Stuck Couch

Weird Garbage Can

Microwave Mailbox

Hey Greg, Get Outta Here

Interesting Rain Gutters

Giraffe Mailbox

Double Above Ground Pools

Creepy Neighbor

Nice Fence

Too Many Yard Trinkets

Mooning Bush

Batman Mailbox

Pac Man Yard

Creepy Window Coverings