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(Natural News) Vegetables are naturally healthy. However, if you bought them pre-washed, you may want to read this article first. Researchers at the University of Cagliariin Italy examined various pre-washed vegetables and found that they contain contaminants called trihalomethanes (THMs), which are toxic byproducts of water sanitation.

THMs, such as chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, and bromoform, are a group of chemicals that can be found in public water supplies. They are formed from water treatment and are the byproduct of chlorine reacting with the different organic and inorganic substances that are already present in the water. These compounds can be absorbed by various types of foods, such as pre-washed, fresh vegetables. They can go through the human bloodstream through digestion.

Vegetables included in the study were washed and prepared by commercial food prep services and placed in stores as ready-to-eat, fresh vegetables, such as carrots, lettuces, parsley, garlic, and mixed salad.

For the study, the researchers aimed to determine the levels of THMs in various types of ready-to-eat vegetables after being washed with chlorinated water. Then, they compared the levels to current safety standards set by the European Union (EU) and the U.S. for levels of THMs in food processing water supplies.

The researchers investigated a total of 115 vegetables. The results revealed that the vegetables had absorbed an alarmingly high concentration of THMs, with an average total of nearly 77 parts per billion (ppb). In water used for food processing, the current limits are set to 80 micrograms per liter (?g/L). The researchers also found that chloroform had the highest concentration in all the vegetables investigated.

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