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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the Chick-fil-A bill into law Thursday, prohibiting local governments from retaliating against an individual or business for their membership in, or support for, faith-based organizations.

The legislation was introduced after the San Antonio City Council voted to block the restaurant from participating as a vendor at the San Antonio International Airport because of its Christian beliefs.

“Discrimination is not tolerated in Texas,” said the Republican governor, as he signed the bill amid Chick-fil-A cups. “No business should be discriminated against simply because its owners gave to a church or the Salvation Army or to any other religious organization. No business should lose a government contract because of their religious beliefs.”

Abbott said the law is a “victory for religious freedom in Texas.”

The Texas House passed Senate Bill 1978 on May 20 in a 79–62 vote, CBS DFW reported.

In March, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced his investigation into whether the San Antonio City Council violated the First Amendment when it banned Chick-fil-A from the airport’s concessions.

Paxton made his announcement after Roberto Treviño, San Antonio District 1 city councilman, moved to ban the privately held, family-owned business from its list of airport vendors. Six council members approved the motion to ban the restaurant, while four voted against it.

“With this decision, the City Council reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion,” Treviño said, according to NBC News 4. “San Antonio is a city full of compassion, and we do not have room in our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior.”

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