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Pro-democracy protests are a “form of warfare employed by the West to destabilize certain countries” and the peaceful Hong Kong protest movement is an American-fabricated attempt to weaken China from within, the Communist Party’s People’s Daily suggested on Monday.

The People’s Daily does not deviate from Chinese government opinions. Its column accusing American officials of deliberately emboldening pro-democracy protesters in the southern autonomous city was published in tandem with yet another rant from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying accusing Hong Kong protesters of being American puppets, not a legitimate representation of the sentiments of the people of the city.

Hong Kong police violently attacked thousands of protesters throughout the city this weekend, cornering them in mass transit train stations and spraying tear gas into enclosed areas. In one instance, protesters believe police shot a bean bag at a protester’s eye and shattered her face, reportedly requiring six hours of surgery to begin to repair. Despite the violence from the Chinese-backed Hong Kong government, at least 5,000 protesters flooded Hong Kong International Airport Monday calling for peace and political freedom, forcing the airport to shut down for the day.

The protesters, while largely peaceful, have faced mob attacks by individuals tied to Hong Kong’s triad mafias and increased physical attacks from police. They have five key demands: direct election of all lawmakers, the withdrawal of a bill that would allow Communist China to extradite people Beijing deems criminals, an independent probe into police brutality, freedom for political prisoners, and a government statement withdrawing the designation of the June 12 protest as a “riot.”

Protests began in response to the extradition bill in early June and entered their tenth week this weekend.

“What is going on in Hong Kong? There is already evidence of interference by foreign forces. As Chinese officials have pointed out, the situation in Hong Kong bears the features of a ‘color revolution,’” the People’s Daily alleged on Monday.

“Color revolution” is a term used for the various anti-Russian movements in Eastern Europe in the mid-2000s, most prominently the Georgia’s Rose Revolution and Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, both of which saw the rise of pro-Western leaders. Russia responded to the Rose Revolution by invading and colonizing parts of Georgia. Russia responded to the Orange Revolution by poisoning its leader, Viktor Yushchenko, then invading and colonizing parts of Ukraine.

China regularly uses the term “color revolution” to mean any pro-democracy movement regardless of circumstances, leadership, or ideology so long as, according to China, America supports it. In Monday’s People’s Daily piece, the newspaper likens the pro-U.S. Eastern European movements with the “Arab Spring,” a series of Islamist revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East.

“Color revolutions,” the People’s Daily claims, “are emerging as a new form of warfare employed by the West to destabilize certain countries.” The newspaper’s evidence is that Russian officials “accused the US and its allies of engineering revolutions and uprisings in key areas around the world to destabilize governments and replace existing regimes to gain power and resources.”

The propaganda outlet insists that bringing “color revolutions” to China would be a disaster because the Arab Spring did not lead to liberal societies, despite the fact that the leaders of the Arab Spring did not seek to establish liberal societies. Terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood openly cheered the demise of governments in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected president of Egypt, rapidly began imposing sharia, the Islamic law, on the country despite its sizeable Coptic Christian population. In Libya, protesters overthrew Muammar Qaddafi, a dictator comfortable with supporting Shiite Islamists, seeking to impose a Sunni Islamist dictatorship. The nation remains today an ungoverned battlefield in a state of civil war.

The rise of Sunni Islamists in Libya, the People’s Daily argued, shows that “the turmoil caused by color revolutions is long-lasting and America’s obsession with fanning the flames of color revolutions simply makes it look nasty in the eyes of the world.”

During her daily press briefing on Monday, Hua, the foreign ministry spokeswoman, similarly blamed the United States for the Hong Kong protests. Her remarks responding to a question asking if the CIA had orchestrated the protests is the