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Update (1325ET): While we have seen numerous clips on social media of troop build-ups over the past few days, President Trump has just tweeted confirmation:

Additionally, seeming to address the rumors of US involvement, he tweeted this just before…

*  *  *

Update 6: The Chinese government once again condemned the protesters on Tuesday, accusing them of acts of terrorism, rhetoric they’ve employed against the protesters for days now. Meanwhile, President Trump said he hopes ‘nobody gets killed’ during the protests in Hong Kong.

Police have reportedly left the airport as the protesters have taken yet another man suspected of being an undercover officer from the mainland hostage. Though this man was eventually evacuated and treated by paramedics. Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Communist Party-friendly Global Times, insisted the man was simply reporting on the riots when he was captured. 

* * *

Update 5: That didn’t take long…

Less than an hour after reports of riot police storming the airport first hit the Internet, HK police have reportedly nearly finished clearing the airport. Few injuries have been reported – but many have been arrested. The Guardian reports that the police have arrested more than 20 protesters.

In one stunning scene, a protester wrested a baton from a riot police officer, who then drew their firearm. Amazingly, nobody was killed.


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