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(Natural News) Were you recently convicted of a crime and looking to sidestep your sentence? Well, have we got news for you! Attaining your get-out-of-jail-free card is as simple as self-identifying as an LGBTQP transgender and voila: You’ll instantly be afforded special treatment that other criminals don’t get.

This is what happened to Steven Hayes, who sexually assaulted and brutally strangled a Connecticut mother back in 2007 before leaving the woman’s daughter to burn alive in their house, which he set on fire – nice guy. Hayes was later convicted and sentenced to receive the death penalty – that is, until he suddenly decided to “come out” as a transgender.

The moment he decided to wrap that proverbial rainbow flag around his gender-confused body, Hayes was given an immediate sentence relief. His death penalty sentence was replaced with life in prison, and Hayes was immediately granted the “hormone treatment therapy” that he demanded as part of his “transition” process into a woman – all of which is to be paid for by taxpayers, of course.

Not only that, but Hayes almost immediately adopted the angry, entitled transgender personality, complaining about prison staff members who refused to accept his “lifestyle change.” During a recent podcast interview from his prison phone, Hayes stated that:

“There’s (sic) a lot of problems with the presentation as a female. A lot of people accept it, but this facility here, you have a lot of racists and bigots on staff and they’re not happy with it. There’s (sic) two of us here that are feminine.”

In other words, Hayes believes that transgenderism is a “race,” and that people are acting racially insensitive against “her” for pretending to be a woman trapped inside a man’s body. It’s just what you’d expect from an LGBTQP, which get away with anything they want because to not allow them such makes you a “bigot.”

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There are people with life sentences in prison for cannabis, and this murderous tranny is getting taxpayer-funded hormone treatments?



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