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As the global synchronized slowdown intensifies, Taiwan is now warning if Beijing can’t create a soft landing in its economy, the threat of a Chinese invasion would be on the horizon. 

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu sounded the alarm in a Reuters interview on Wednesday, when he said, Chinese officials would likely invade self-ruled Taiwan to divert domestic economic pressures if a soft landing cannot be achieved. 

“If the internal stability is a very serious issue, or economic slowdown has become a very serious issue for the top leaders to deal with, that is the occasion that we need to be very careful,” Wu said. 

“We need to prepare ourselves for the worst situation to come…military conflict,” he warned. 

China’s untenable debt load and Beijing’s resulting inability to boost the credit impulse has certainly frightened Wu, who knows that if China’s economy, already near a 30-year low, continues to implode, that military conflict with mainland China would be nearing. 

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