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(Natural News) Democrats run most major cities in the United States, and it’s becoming more obvious they are committed to creating as much chaos within them as possible — for some reason.

Case(s) in point: Dem-run cities are increasingly catering to the homeless, practically inviting them into their jurisdictions, then watching as they destroy entire segments of town, turning enclaves into third-world dung-heaps.


Several major cities in California including Los Angeles and San Francisco are overrun with homeless people who defecate and urinate in the streets, form tent cities on blocks and blocks of sidewalks, discard used drug needles, and harass citizens.

Ditto for the Left-wing metropolises of Austin, Hilo, Seattle, and, increasingly, New York City.

What’s more, one Democrat-run city is taking the madness a step further by actually punishing business owners who refuse to act as city sanitation workers, risking their health to clean up the poo, pee, and drug paraphernalia.

As reported by CBS Denver, one local businessman, Jawaid Bazyar, “has seen it all outside of his business near Curtis St. and 24th in Denver’s Five Points Neighborhood.”

The local news team noted that Bazyar is being fined by city officials “for his refusal to pick up human waste.” 

Yes, you read that right: Because he won’t clean up human excrement, he’s being fined by Left-wing lunatics who, conspicuously, believe they have no obligation as city leaders to ensure such clean-up occurs.

So much for paying taxes.

“There’s food, trash, drug deals. In the alley, we get the defecation, drug needles,” Bazyar told the local news.

He said he and his staff have stopped cleaning that stuff up because it’s a health hazard they are not prepared or equipped to handle. 

He adds that in reality, the problem exists and is getting worse because the city refuses to empower the police department to enforce existing laws, so the city should be cleaning up its own streets. (Related: Collapse of Austin into mass homelessness and filth is a warning for all of America: This is what Democrats do to everything they control.)

This is how great cities — and great civilizations — die



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