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(Natural News) The Canadian newspaper Ottawa Citizen is celebrating the legalization of assisted suicide in Canada because now there are a whole lot more organs and tissues available for desperate patients.

Because Ontario’s transplant waiting list is usually around 1,600 patients at any given time, according to the paper, this abundance of new organs and tissues is decreasing the waiting time for these government-run transplant procedures.

Known euphemistically as “MAiD,” this organ and tissue donation system relies on a steady stream of suicided corpses from which to harvest – something that the Ottawa Citizen has eagerly been promoting even before assisted suicide became legal in Canada back in 2016.

“According to Trillium Gift of Life Network, which oversees organ and tissue donation in Ontario, the 113 MAiD-related donations in 2019 accounted for five per cent of overall donations in Ontario, a share that has also been increasing,” the paper report.

“In 2018, MAiD-related donations made up 3.6 per cent of the province’s total donations, and in 2017 just 2.1 per cent.”

The Trillium Gift of Life Network has been at the “forefront” of this organ and tissue donation program ever since assisted suicide was legalized. The group has been “proactively” reaching out to people it deems probable candidates for assisted suicide in order to pair their body parts up with hopeful recipients.

While Canadian law dictates that organs can only be harvested from assisted suicide victims if they die in a hospital, Dr. Moira McQueen of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute says that there’s a compromise situation in which an assisted suicide victim can be given the first set of lethal injections at home, and taken to the hospital after that for the final set.

“At that point, having lost consciousness at home as they wished, the donor could then be shuttled to the hospital where the final lethal injection would kill him and his organs would be harvested,” writes Jonathon Van Maren for LifeSiteNews.

Has society lost all sense of the value and dignity of human life?



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