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(Natural News) Though 2020 Democratic presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders did not personally pick campaign organizer Kyle Jurek, clearly Jurek picked Sen. Bernie Sanders — and that should say something about the kind of lunatics he’s attracting.

Earlier this week, investigative journalism outfit Project Veritas released the first in a series of undercover videos featuring Jurek threatening death and destruction of anyone who did not march in lockstep with Bernie’s Communist manifesto of a campaign.

He predicted that “f**king cities will burn” if President Trump is reelected, and he suggested that Trump supporters and establishment Democrats including Sen. Elizabeth Warren should be lined up against a wall and shot, if not taken to “gulags” for “reeducation.”

His rhetoric was reflective of straight-up Nazism, unmitigated fascism and anarchy. 

A day later, Project Veritas released a follow-up undercover video featuring more of the same from Jurek (and, by the way, Sanders wasn’t asked one question about this idiot revolutionary wannabe during Tuesday’s Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa — go figure, because if someone from Trump’s campaign said these kinds of things, it’d be front-page news all across the country until November).

One change: Jurek repeatedly references “climate change,” the socialist hoax to convince everyone to give up modernity and surrender all of their liberties to the master central planners so they can ‘save the planet.’

“Like we’re here to preserve the planet, to preserve people. We don’t want to f**king have to like eliminate people, right? But if people are going to try to fight back against the revolution, like when you hear about like, uh, so like atrocities committed by like, in Cuba, by like Fidel and Che, like killing people, like those people who were actively like, they were like anti-revolution, they were fighting against the revolution,” he says, sounding like a slightly more militant version of, like, Rep. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez. 

“Like in anywhere, like if you guys were in war, and you encounter people that were fighting against you, what did you do to those people? Right? The same thing holds true in a revolution. Right? Like you can’t abide people actively working against your f**king revolution,” he continued. (Related: Bernie campaign staffer who threatened to kill political opponents and burn cities is targeting his own Left-wing base.)



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