Sunday, February 23 Bitcoin là gì? Có nên đầu tư vào bitcoin hay không?

Update 6 (1530ET): Hong Kong has reportedly confirmed a second case of coronavirus.

More details to come…

* * *

Update 5 (1500ET): After praising all of China’s efforts to contain the outbreak, the WHO Director General announced that the emergency committee would delay its decision on whether to declare the coronavirus a major health emergency of international concern because the committee wants “more information.”

It’s unclear exactly what they’re hoping to learn between today and tomorrow, but with the pace at which the virus is spreading, it’s possible that nearly 1,000 cases will have been identified by then.

Only five other outbreaks have warranted this designation from the WHO.

Fortunately, we should know more tomorrow.

As of 3 pm ET, their press conference was still ongoing, and any interested readers can watch below:

* * *

Update 4 (1350ET): Almost exactly an hour after we tweeted a flight tracking map showing dozens of departures from Wuhan’s International Airport…



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