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Footage from inside a flea market in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, shows a man who refused to wear a face mask being taken down by a sheriff’s deputy.

In video reviewed by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office, Charles Redell Moody is seen refusing to comply with a masked deputy who wants him to put his hands behind his back.

You want to see the Forsyth County Sheriff's Dept, not have the ability and self control to deescalate an issue about a Man not wearing a Mask ? Is this how the Citizens of Winston-Salem will be handled for not wearing a mask though ?????? WXII 12 NEWS WXII DaVonté McKenith WXII Talitha Vickers What are the Charges ? Why is he being detained ? Nothing. Tag Bobby Kimbrough.This Happened Today At Cooks Flea Market In Winston Salem NC Over Not Wearing Ah Mask This Man Was Thrown Aggressively Everywhere This Could Have Been Handled In Ah Different Matter None Of This Was Necessary This Was Not Right.Not My Video

Posted by Candace Bishop on Saturday, June 27, 2020

“If you don’t stop you’re going to the ground,” the deputy tells Moody, who’s clutching a counter.

“Put your hands behind your back,” the deputy once again orders Moody, who replies, “No.”

At that point, the officer attempts to force compliance and a struggle ensues, with Moody appearing to resist the officer’s intent to handcuff him.

The officer is eventually able to get control of the situation with the help of others and handcuffs Moody, who says he was minding his own business.

“You were asked to leave,” someone tells him.

A flea market representative later told WGHP the man was told to leave after refusing to wear a face mask.

From the Charlotte Observer:

In a statement to WGHP, the flea market said a man was asked multiple times to wear a face mask but refused. He was also told to leave before a sheriff’s deputy who was working security came to escort him out of the building, according to the TV station.

According to the Observer, Moody claimed he was never asked to leave and had forgotten his mask. He was reportedly charged with “resisting arrest and trespassing.”

The Observer also reports a demonstration followed the arrest, not over North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s ridiculous statewide mandatory face mask orders, but over race – because Moody is black and the officer involved is white.

Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough wrote on Facebook the department was reaching out to Moody’s family and the deputy to come to an agreement.

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