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(Natural News) A peer-reviewed study published in the highly-respected Elsevier journal EBioMedicine has revealed that the DTP vaccine unleashed by Bill Gates on young girls in Africa killed 10 times more of them than the disease itself would have.

The paper, commissioned by the Danish government and the Novo Nordisk Foundation, was published back in 2017, though it has not received nearly the attention it deserves. In essence, it exposes Gates as a genocidal murderer who has committed heinous crimes against humanity.

Led by Drs. Søren Wengel Mogensen and Peter Aaby, the study looked at the combination diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus vaccine, which was discontinued in the United States back in the ’90s due to thousands of reports of death and brain damage.

“Despite widespread vaccination,” the Great Game India journal notes, “the United States and other countries are still experiencing large pertussis outbreaks.”

Prior to the publishing of this study, the World Health Organization (WHO) had never bothered to conduct a trial looking at vaccinated versus unvaccinated health outcomes, which would have been necessary to determine whether the DTP vaccine was truly safe and effective.

Even so, Bill and Melinda Gates, arguably the evilest people living today, pushed the drug on innocent African babies, including in Guinea Bissau where half of all children die before the age of five.

Compared to children in Guinea Bissau who did not receive Gates’ DTP vaccine, children who did were found to have died at 10 times the rate of other children. The jab was also found to make vaccinated children more susceptible to other deadly diseases that unvaccinated children do not typically contract.

“The vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems,” Great Game India explains.

Wherever black and brown people can be found, Bill Gates is there to inject them with poison

The study itself declared that no prospective study “has shown beneficial survival effects of DTP,” despite being “the most widely used vaccine.”

“It should be of concern that the effect of routine vaccinations on allcause mortality was not tested in randomized trials,” the study further reveals.



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