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(Natural News) Pro-Second Amendment group Gun Owners of America has managed to uncover a sinister plot hatched by Joe Biden’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to target American gun stores and, in effect, back-door its way into de facto gun bans.

In 2021, the Biden administration introduced a “Zero Tolerance” policy for revoking the licenses of firearm sellers, known as Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs). The ATF has recently updated its “Federal Firearms Administrative Action Policy and Procedures” in accordance with this new policy.

Gun Owners of America obtained copies of both the updated ATF order, revised under the Biden Administration in January 2022, and the previous version that existed under the Trump Administration. Based on a review of the changes in the ATF’s policy, it is apparent that the Biden administration is attempting to exploit the ATF’s bureaucracy against the entire Second Amendment industry, the org noted in a news release.

Here are the documents:

2022 ATF O.5370.1E Federal … by Houston Keene

The Biden Administration’s new “Zero Tolerance” policy appears to be intentionally harsh on honest gun stores.

Between January and September of 2022, ATF field offices in Charlotte, Columbus, Houston, Louisville, New Orleans, and St. Paul have revoked licenses more frequently than issuing “warning conferences.” These conferences are a less severe penalty, which the ATF manual states are necessary to evaluate the potential for compliance and identify any potential risks to public safety and firearm traceability.

In other words, the ATF’s focus has shifted from regulating the gun industry to destroying it through any means possible under the Biden Administration. The administration seems to be trying to put as many gun dealers out of business as possible, resulting in the restriction of access to firearms.

The Zero Tolerance policy implemented by the Biden Administration has led to a minimum 200 percent increase in FFL revocations since its enactment. However, revoking a license is a time-consuming process, and this figure is expected to continue to rise, the news release noted further.

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