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The Biden administration is creating a new class of criminal investigators that are supposed to help the government.

That’s “criminal” investigators, in that the investigators are criminals.

Word of the scheme comes from Judicial Watch, which explained it’s part of Biden’s agenda to give criminals another chance.

Practically, it has a federal agency eliminating restrictions that prevent convicted felons from conducting investigations for the Department of Justice.

“It involves fair housing testers who help federal authorities gather evidence of bias and discrimination by going undercover in housing transactions that can expose wrongdoing. Technically, housing testers play a key role in government housing probes, and they are supposed to be carefully vetted,” the watchdog organization said.

It is the Department of Housing and Urban Development that has plans to eliminate regulations for testers, which before now eliminated those with criminal convictions, so that its programs are “inclusive as possible for people with criminal records.”

Judicial Watch reported a notice in the Federal Register explained how the Biden group is planning rules changes for Fair Housing Initiatives Program grantees and Fair Housing Assistance Program agencies if they banned testers who have felony convictions.

The report noted HUD claimed that will allow it to “fully investigate criminal background screening policies that are potentially discriminatory under federal civil rights laws by using testers with actual criminal backgrounds.”

HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge claimed the new rule will ensure those with “criminal records who want to participate in this important work aren’t facing unnecessary barriers. People reentering society, and those with criminal records, deserve a fair shot at a second chance.”

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