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Nothing says you’re one of the people more than eating food. After all, we all eat food, and food is delicious. But don’t take our word for it.

A picture says a thousand words. And these pictures speak volumes… volumes of truth and authenticity, written by different authors and yet bound together by a common story and an understanding of real Americans who eat real food. The collective volume is aptly titled “I’m Just Like You!” It’s not yet available in hardcover or paperback and yet is indisputably compelling.

Here, Senator Kamala Harris opens a box of pork chops, emoting exactly as any American would in the same situation:

Soon after, Ms. Harris goes with a timid bite from one of those chops. As we all know, many Americans eat pork this way, so we tip our hats to Ms. Harris, despite her tentative and dainty approach.

As journalists, we do our diligence here at Breitbart and it would appear to our eye that Ms. Harris took that first piece of pork on the road in order to hit as many people as possible with her message “I’m Just Like You.” Note: we based our findings on the bite marks. It’s clear to see she’s on her second bite when in the first picture, she is clearly embarking on her maiden bite.

Now food doesn’t cook itself. People cook it. Everyday people. People like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. And what better way to show people “I’m just like you” than to cook food under the watchful eye of a single camera that caught her “flip from afar” approach.

Senator Cory Booker, an out-and-proud vegan, did not partake of the pork/corn dog/turkey staples of the Iowa State Fair, but he was still able to down a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If this aggressive eating style is any indication of how he intends to run the rest of his campaign, his opponents better stay alert.

Even the lower-tier candidates got in on the action. Here’s Andrew Yang double fisting a roasted turkey leg and a tall drink…

Mayor Pete Buttigieg sipping on a root beer float…