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Thưa Quý Đồng Hương,
Xin mời tham dự Boat Parade (tổ chức bởi Liberty Rally) và Cruise Rally 
(tổ chức bởi Asian Pacific Americans for Trump) vào ngày Chúa Nhật, 
6 tháng 9 sắp tới đây.
Đỗ Anh Tú
Dear Friends,
Below and attached is invitation flyer on the upcoming Boat Parade at the Potomac River at 1:00PM (hosted by Liberty Rally) and the Cruising Rally (hosted by Asian Pacific Americans for Trump) on Sunday, September 6th.
Inline image

Trumptilla’ boat parade heads to D.C. and a historic ride on the Potomac River

Please help share this message around to all the Trump supporters you know and do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions pertaining to this invitation.
Anh Tu Do

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