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Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Leftists responded to a Twitter thread asking “how do you deprogram 75 million people?” by suggesting Trump supporters should be interned in “re-education camps” and that all conservative talk radio should be banned.

“No seriously…how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook?” asked David Atkins (pronouns in bio), a regional director for California Democrats. “We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan. Or the failures of Reconstruction in the South,” he added.

Atkins went on to frame Trump voters as a “conspiracy theory fueled belligerent death cult against reality & basic decency” before issuing a veiled threat by stating, “People are gonna try to figure out how to defend themselves.”

While asserting the moral high ground, many of the response in the thread demanded outright tyranny or yet more censorship as a means of ensuring “the good guys” have their way.


One verified user called for “Nuremberg trials.”

“I would look at Germany and see what they did about Nazis. Because you’re dealing with the same mentality,” said another.

“Reeducation camps for those salvageable,” said another. Firing squad for irredeemable malcontents. Round up entire families to ensure the disease doesn’t spread.”

“Generally speaking, I believe re-education camps are a good thing,” added another.

Another called for the removal of “radio talk show hosts from airwaves through rigorous application of hate speech laws.”



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