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(Natural News) Once more, Arizona has become ground zero for election problems after Democrats, as usual, have moved to game the system so that more of their candidates win in a suddenly ‘purple’ state.

More counties have begun to voice doubts that the election in Maricopa County was legitimate after hundreds of citizens and poll workers have complained to the elections board about several problems at dozens of polling stations, including malfunctioning tabulators, printers with no ink, and lengthy lines lasting hours.

“There are only 15 counties in the state of Arizona. So far, Mohave, Conchise, and Yavapai counties have refused to certify the suspect election. Gila county may be following suit,” 100 Percent Fed Up reported this week.

Top Real America’s Voice podcaster Steve Bannon spoke on Tuesday with Caroline Wren, a senior advisor for Trump-backed GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who supposedly ‘lost’ to Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (the state’s top election official, by the way) following a boatload of problems on Election Day.

“We are facing an existential crisis as a party. Our Grassroots supporters do not have faith in the elections. Nor should they. And if we don’t fight now, then when?” Wren said.



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