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Following the fiery derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals along the Ohio-Pennsylvania line, renowned 9/11 attorney Michael Barasch, whose law firm represents over 25,000 members of the 9/11 community, said the EPA insisting the “air is safe” sent “shivers” up his spine, given that clients of his “are dying every single day from 9/11 toxic dust,” as he warned residents of the affected areas to “stay away and don’t believe the EPA.”

After the east Palestine disaster saw harmful pollutants released into the air, surface soils and water, attorney Michael Barasch told Breitbart News that news of the incident followed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) insisting the “air is safe” sent “shivers” up his spine, especially given that clients of his “are dying every single day from 9/11 toxic dust.”

Barasch spearheaded the efforts to reach hundreds of thousands of uninformed 9/11 victims still owed benefits after having suffered from harmful consequences of toxic exposure to post-9/11 World Trade Center dust, noting that “9/11 didn’t end on 9/11” as many individuals continue to suffer as a result of their exposure to harmful toxins. 

Comparing the EPA’s assurances following the 2001 terror attacks with its recent ones, Barasch, a longtime legal advocate for first responders to the 9/11 attacks and others harmed by resulting toxic dust, argued that “21 years ago, the government at least had a reason: they wanted to reopen Wall Street.” 

“They should have just been honest with people then and said, ‘Look, if you don’t have to be downtown in your office, stay away until the fires go out,’” he said. “And that’s what they should have done here.” 

Questioning why officials are “telling people the air is safe when they don’t really know one way or another,” Barasch suggested they instead “clear out the area — a 20 mile radius — for two to four weeks and consider it a toxic area until independent scientists can verify that it’s really safe.” 

“Otherwise we’re going to see in another twenty years exactly what I’m seeing now — with people developing illnesses and dying from post-9/11 toxic air — only on a lower scale,” he said.

Given the amounts of contaminants that were burnt into the air or spilled into local waterways, Barasch wondered “how can anybody with any kind of assurance say the air is safe?” 

“They can’t,” he exclaimed. “And it’s such a disservice to our communities.”

The prominent attorney maintained he was unable to “believe the EPA.”

“They’ve lost their credibility,” he asserted, adding the issue is not a political one given that “it was the Bush EPA that said the air was safe to breathe 21 years ago, [whereas]now its the Biden EPA.”

While presumably many “great men and women” work there, Barasch proposed that the EPA “should be independent of everybody — even though the president does appoint the administrator.” 

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