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Mexican cartels lost a major tactical advantage along the Texas border as state military units completed the clearing of an island located along the Rio Grande. The cartels have used the formerly brush-covered island for years as a staging area for human and drug smuggling.

This week, crews with the Texas National Guard completed the leveling of Fronton Island, Texas, to remove a long-standing tool from the Mexican drug cartels operating in the area. Texas Military Department soldiers and officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety began clearing the brush-covered island along the Rio Grande border with Mexico in October.

“For decades, Fronton Island has been utilized by the Mexican Drug Cartels as a refuge when fleeing from rival cartels and the Mexican Military,” Texas DPS spokesman Lieutenant Chris Olivarez told Breitbart Texas. “Still, it has primarily been used to facilitate transnational criminal activity involving human and drug smuggling.”

“With the authorization through Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, the State of Texas has taken over the island by clearing and fortifying it, allowing DPS and the National Guard to gain operational control in preventing cross-border crime,” Olivarez stated.

Commissioner Buckingham told Breitbart on Thursday, “It has been my promise to Texans to do everything in my power to help stop illegal immigration and trafficking along the Texas-Mexico border.”


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