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The establishment media — which is notoriously anti-Trump — as well as some members of the far-left and anti-Trump Republicans, are attacking former President Donald Trump for promoting the “God Bless the USA Bible,” as he made it clear that America must “protect anything that is pro-God” and “pray again.”

Trump partnered with American country artist Lee Greenwood, perhaps best known for “God Bless the U.S.A.,” encouraging Americans to purchase a copy of the King James Bible. It features a copy of U.S. founding documents — including the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence — as well as the Pledge of Allegiance and a “handwritten chorus to ‘God Bless The USA’ by Lee Greenwood,” according to the website.

Trump held the Bible in a video message on Truth Social, announcing that he was “proud” to partner with Greenwood on this Bible, adding that he would like a “lot of people” to have it.

“It’s a very sad thing that’s going on in our country, but we’re gonna get it turned around. Religion and Christianity are the biggest things missing from this country,” Trump said, emphasizing that we must “bring them back fast.”

Trump said he believes that the absence of religion in the country is “one of the biggest problems we have.”

“That’s why our country is going haywire. We’ve lost religion in our country. All Americans need a Bible in their home, and I have many,” Trump said, identifying it as his “favorite book.”

“It’s my favorite book. It’s a lot of people’s favorite book. This Bible is a reminder that the biggest thing we have to bring back America to make America great again is our religion. Religion is so important,” he said, predicting that it will come back “strong”:

In the end, we do not answer to bureaucrats in Washington; we answer to God in Heaven. Christians are under siege. We must protect content that is pro-God. We love God, and we have to protect anything that is pro-God. We must defend God and the public square and not allow the media or the left wing groups to silence, censor, or discriminate against us.

Trump said it is essential to “bring Christianity back into our lives and back into what will be again a great nation,” praising the founding fathers for building America on Judeo-Christian values.

“Stand up, speak out, and pray that God will bless America again. I’m proud to endorse and encourage you to get this Bible. We must make America pray again. Pray. Get educated. Get motivated, and stand with me and the legions of Americans asking God to bless our great nation to bring our great nation back,” he continued, urging Americans to purchase the Bible to “help spread our Christian values with others.”

Predictably, Trump’s promotion of the $59.99 Bible drew immense criticism from leftists and the establishment media.

A commentary from the far-left asserted that “Trump Bibles make a mockery of Christianity — and that’s exactly why MAGA will eat them up.”

“Their new lord is Trump himself,” the article read, mocking Christian Trump supporters as mindless morons.

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