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(Natural News) Negative emotions can be overwhelming. People often surrender to these feelings and lash out, complicating their situation further. Whether it is dealing with another person or oneself, emotions can be difficult to manage. However, there are ways to properly handle them.

Psychotherapy, in particular, is designed to help people pinpoint the roots of their distress and learn ways to cope with them. It is also called talk therapy. There are different kinds of psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). CBT identifies and changes destructive thinking patterns and behaviors and replaces them with healthier ones. On the other hand, DBT is a specific type of CBT, which focuses on improving how a person handles his/her emotions.

Not everyone can take psychotherapy due to various reasons, including financial limitations or simply lack of time. Still, it is possible to employ the techniques used in psychotherapy and apply them to everyday life.

When in distress, try the following tips based on CBT and DBT:

1. Accept emotions

Accepting emotions is acknowledging their existence and understanding that they are fleeting. However, the common immediate reaction to negative emotions – like guilt, shame, or anger – is to reject or escape them.

Pushing away such emotions is not healthy. It stunts emotional growth. Moreover, it increases the risk of developing mental health problems (i.e. anxiety, depression). In a two-part study published in Behavior Research Therapy, researchers found that people who were more accepting of negative experiences were less likely to exhibit depressive symptoms in the future. Additionally, it prevented them from feeling worse during a distressing situation.

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