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Just a few days before the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it will be awarding $20 million in taxpayer money to law enforcement departments, mental health networks, colleges and universities, school districts, and even churches to “prevent targeted violence and terrorism.”

How DHS plans to “prevent targeted violence and terrorism” with all that disbursed cash is by convincing the various institutions and leaders receiving it to keep a close eye on patients, students, parishioners, and really everyone in the general public to help DHS better identify the presence of “extremists” throughout society.

Some 34 different organizations will receive a portion of that $20 million jackpot, which comes in addition to the $70 million that the DHS’ Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships, also known as CP3, has distributed to private non-profit groups, as well as state and local government agencies, since fiscal 2020.

(Related: Back in 2021, DHS declared anti-vaxxers to be “terrorists” before unveiling a 90-day plan to unleash violence and blame it on “anti-lockdown extremists.”)

DHS using “public health” excuse to label as many Americans as possible as “extremists”

Taking a page from the playbook of the United Nations (UN) and its World Health Organization (WHO), DHS placed great emphasis on “public health” in its press release about the $20 million in grant money that it says will go to:

“… mental health providers, educators, faith leaders, social service providers, nonprofits, law enforcement, and other state, local, and community partners to address systemic factors that can lead to violence while strengthening protective factors at the local level that support the safety, well-being, and resiliency of communities in the United States.”

That gobbledygook word salad mess is just a fancy way of saying that the DHS is bribing the pillars of American society to act as spooks in whatever capacity they find themselves to spy on and surveil those around them in order to make sure nothing disrupts the deep state agenda.

The CP3 program, according to the same release:

“… helps to prevent targeted violence and terrorism through funding, training, increased public awareness, and the development of partnerships across every level of the government, the private sector and in local communities across our country. Leveraging an approach informed by public health research, CP3 brings together mental health providers, educators, faith leaders, public health officials, social services, nonprofits, and others in communities across the country to help people who may be escalating to violence.”

Many people who read this will probably assume that DHS and CP3 are talking about actual terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda, ISIS, or the Iranian Republican Guard Corps. In reality, though, they are talking about dissenters to the globalist agenda, which today includes the mass corruption of our nation’s youth, among other perversions and forms of wickedness.

“Whether it’s Covid and vaccines, the war in Ukraine, immigration, the Second Amendment, LGBTQ ideology and child-gender confusion, the integrity of our elections, or the issue of protecting life in the womb, you are no longer allowed to hold dissenting opinions and voice them publicly in America,” reports Leo Hohmann about who DHS is actually targeting with this anti-“extremist” initiative.

“If you do, your own government will take note and consider you a potential ‘violent extremist’ and terrorist.”

Meanwhile, illegal aliens will continue to pour across the border and resettle in our nation’s communities without repercussions. Oh, but if you speak out against the transgender mutilation of children, your “pastor” could report you to DHS resulting in you being labeled a “terrorist.”

The most threatening terrorist in the U.S. today is the government itself. Learn more at Terrorism.news.

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