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Britain’s socialised healthcare system was accused of “murder” after a judge ruled Monday in favour of removing life-support from a critically ill baby girl.

Eight-month-old Indi Gregory died in a hospice bed next to her “heartbroken” parents, Dean Gregory and Claire Staniforth, after a lengthy court battle ultimately came down on the side of doctors who wished to remove the baby girl’s life support.

The young couple were also prevented by the court from seeking the help of private specialists outside of the UK’s socialised healthcare system, preventing them taking their child to Italy to seek life-extending care, and ultimately even from taking their baby home so that she could pass away surrounded by her family.

In a statement, 37-year-old Gregory said: “Indi’s life ended at 1.45 am. Claire and I are angry heartbroken and ashamed.

Dean Gregory, the father of six-month-old Indi Gregory who has mitochondrial disease and is being treated at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, leaves the Royal Courts of Justice, in central London. (Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images)

“The NHS and the courts not only took away her chance to live a longer life, but they also took away Indi’s dignity to pass away in the family home where she belonged.

“They did succeed in taking Indi’s body and dignity, but they can never take her soul. They tried to get rid of Indi without anybody knowing, but we made sure she would be remembered forever. I knew she was special from the day she was born.

“Claire held her for her final breaths.”

High Court judge Mr Justice Peel ruled in the case the move by doctors to remove Indi’s life support would be legal and that it would be in the child’s best interests. He went on to rule that the family’s request to have their baby sent to a specialist hospital in Rome would go against the best interests of the child.

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