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Most of our readers know the left can’t meme, as memes require an understanding of both universal human truths and a minimal grasp on humor.

For example:


Or this:


Or this hot garbage:


Sometimes they don’t even realize what they’ve done…

These people are genuinely operating in their own reality:

Sorry about that, but the uninitiated needed to see how bad the situation is. Their jokes are obvious. Reductive. Anti-intellectual if you will. These are the same people who think gender is a state of mind, and these peeks under the hood can be constructive.

It seems that Biden’s allies are aware of their shortcomings, however – as the president’s main re-election SuperPAC, Future Forward USA Action, is raising $10 million to learn how to meme, or as Reuters puts it, ‘compete with Republican Donald Trump’s social media machine that spits out a wall of viral videos.’

We guarantee whoever wrote that sentence does not know how to meme.

The previously unreported effort by the highly-secretive Future Forward USA Action underscores broad concerns among Democrats and Biden donors that he and his campaign are losing a viral-video war with the Republican Party, which relentlessly portrays him as too old and out of touch.

Democrats say they are playing catch-up in a battlefield with few rules or ways to police manipulated or misleading content before it reaches tens of millions of Americans on their smartphones.

The Palo-Alto-based SuperPAC, backed by tech giants like Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and LinkedIn founder Reed [sic]Hoffman, is raising at least $10 million to help better understand the algorithms that help Trump and his allies dominate vertical video platforms.

The group will also “collaborate with left-leaning influencers to help generate and disseminate new content,” according to the report.

How are they going to do that when the most ‘successful’ lefty ‘influencers’ are the perpetually-shat-upon Krassenstein brothers and this guy

Speaking of TikTok, Future Forward has given up on Twitter, and is hoping to appeal to short attention-spans, with TikTok’s short, vertical videos.

“Future Forward is around to help solve problems, and TikTok is a problem and the group is reasonably trying to solve that problem,” a Democratic source told Reuters.

In short, the left is now incinerating millions of dollars trying to learn how to be cool.

Good luck, Reid… We can only explain it to you. We can’t make you understand it.

Source: infowars


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