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For almost a decade Disney has been on a Diveristy, Equity and Inclusion induced spiral into clown world (along with a number of major entertainment and media companies).  The shift by corporations towards promoting ideological propaganda instead of chasing profits started out subtle and has quickly escalated into a crescendo of absurdity. 

Disney has become the public focus of the wokification of media for a number of reasons including the conglomerate’s massive size and global reach, but more than anything else, it used to be family favored company.  When an organization makes the virtues of family and childhood innocence its brand, any slide into degeneracy or indoctrination is going to be amplified and scrutinized.

In the past, most companies sought to remain neutral (at least in public) when it came to political affiliations and aspirations.  However, this principle has also been thrown out the window in recent years with Disney being one of the worst perpetrators of open political interference and influence; they even tried to go to war with the highly conservative state of Florida a couple years ago and that didn’t work out too well for them.

Disney’s political allegiances are clearly to the far-left. One might even argue that without companies like Disney the woke movement wouldn’t exist.  Part of this movement is the demonization of traditional western values, structures and specifically the men who built them.  That is to say, the “white man” is now persona non grata.  

Every Marxist/Communist movement needs a great enemy, a monolithic monster to focus the ire of their followers and give them a justification for the destruction of the target society.  For the woke devout, white males are the ultimate villain that needs to be diminished and chained down for the “safety” of everyone else.  In other words, the anti-white male movement is an integral part of the woke movement.  The two things cannot be separated.

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