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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a once-prominent figure in Roman Catholicism, has been excommunicated by the Vatican because Viganò is an outspoken critic of Pope Francis and his deviant, far-left agenda.

Viganò is notorious for speaking out against Catholicism’s sexual abuse problems and associated coverups. He has also called for Pope Francis to resign, which eventually led to Viganò’s removal from the religion.

The Vatican’s former ambassador to the United States, Viganò was deemed guilty of schism. A press release from the Vatican explains that Viganò’s penalty is to be cast out of the religion entirely because he refuses to treat Pope Francis as the physical embodiment of Jesus Christ on earth.

Viganò had been ordered to recognize and submit to the Supreme Pontiff, which he refused to do. Viganò was also told not to participate in communion with Roman Catholicism because of his questioning of the legitimacy of the Second Vatican Council.

“Viganò’s excommunication by the Vatican means he is no longer a member of the church and cannot participate in its sacraments due to schism, a serious offense under canon law,” Great Game India reported.

“A schism happens when someone withdraws their submission to the pope or from the communion of Catholics who follow him.”

(Related: In late 2023, Pope Francis partied with transgender prostitutes in celebration of “World Day of the Poor.”)

Viganò has a large conservative Catholic following

Try as he might to silence Viganò by excommunicating him from the Catholic religion, Pope Francis now has a serious problem on his hands as Viganò is widely respected among like-minded Catholic conservative and traditionalists.

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All throughout the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic,” Viganò was outspoken against it, having made reference to the “Great Reset” and other “fringe beliefs.” Viganò also made headlines in 2015 when Pope Francis visited the U.S. because he helped organize the envoy as nuncio.

“Viganò invited Kim Davis, a Kentucky clerk in the core of the U.S. gay marriage dispute, to join a small group at the Vatican residence to receive Francis,” reports explain.

“Davis rose to popularity after refusing to provide all marriage licenses rather than being forced to grant licenses to same-sex couples. She became a hero for the conservative right in the United States, with whom Vigano had grown more linked with the country’s culture wars over homosexual marriage and religious liberty.”

Because Pope Francis is a supporter of LGBT, being a close friend of LGBT crusader Barack Hussein Obama, he was very upset at what Viganò did by deceptively inviting Davis to visit.

“Davis and her counsel claimed that the meeting with Francis amounted to an affirmation of her cause,” reports further explain. “The Vatican then refuted that assertion, releasing video footage of what it claimed was Francis’ ‘only’ private audience in Washington: a small group of people, including a gay couple.”

In August 2018, Viganò and Pope Francis collided when he accused the pope of sexual assault. This led to calls for Pope Francis to resign from his post.

While Pope Francis was visiting Ireland, Viganò released an 11-page letter claiming that he informed the pontiff in 2013 about sex abuse allegations against retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the most senior official in Catholicism’s U.S. tentacle. According to Viganò, Pope Francis ignored the letter and allowed McCarrick to continue in his position for another five years.

After this, Viganò called for Pope Francis to resign, calling him a “false prophet” and a “servant of Satan” for his promotion of LGBT perversion both in and out of Catholicism.

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